Matte black, glossy neon yellow, carbon fiber and matte black details, asymmetrical design, Toyo Tyres Proxes stickers on the tires, black rims and neon yellow brake calipers. What else you can get to make unique your Nissan GT-R ? This is probably one of few ways and wrap designs to do that.

This Nissan GT-R Liberty Walk body kit is really awesome and make the car absolutely aggressive, of course, but what a perfect wrap design has to do is to be complementary to a car body kit and at the same time has to give to the car a unique style, has to make the car an icon on the streets. And this wrap is able to do that. So what are you waiting for ? Why drive a supercar but with a common style ? Purchase this wrap design or create a new awesome wrap design for your Nissan GT-R Liberty Walk, Now! Get in touch through the form in the ‘Contact’ page or contact us at

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