Our Style

Essellegi Performance born to make unique already special cars, thanks to unique wrap designs all based on an iconic and unmistakable style. Composed by minimalistic shapes, eye-catching color schemes and an accurate selection of materials, components and wrap films.

Besides wrap designs we also try to customize all our projects and cars which we work on with small but unique details that all together contribute to make the car even more special and customized.

Our Skills

3D Models
Realistic Renderings
100% reliabilty

Working on professional 3D models and realistic rendering scenes, we are able to provide to the client a 100% reliable vision of the whole project and he is able to assess the realistic reflection of the light on the materials and components will be used on the car. The 3D models also are able to give to the client a perfect preview of the proportions that wrap design will have on the car body.

Who I am

Hi, I’m Sergio – an Italian graphic designer.
Founder of essellegi.com and @essellegiwrapdesign on Instagram with over 240 clients in commercial wrap design business in the last three years, from all over the world .

Cars. Graphic Design. Passions. Life.

Graphic design, cars, motorcycles and motors. Once when I was little I had just one wish: to be able to marry all my greatest passions to my job. The overwhelming passion for motorcycles, cars, races and all the ‘motor-world’ and then the fascination for the graphic design. It is this, it has always been this to rule the world, to encourage people to do their best, to discover new lands, to save other people, to create beautiful and amazing paintings or sculptures: The Passion. I believe in this. I always did and I will always do, in my life and in my work.

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Do you want to wrap your car with a unique car wrap design ? Do you want to purchase a wrap design that you saw on our website ? Do you have any questions ? Get in touch.

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