Audi RS6-R

Betsafe RS6 livery design

Swipe left to make this common white RS6 a stunning and unique one!
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Neon yellow on the front with purple abstract and sharp graphic shapes to give an aggressive, sporty and racing look to this RS6.

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Black Rofirom Aerodisc wheels on the front with ‘Turbo’ stickers to give to the whole project a retro but at the same time futuristic style and to make the car even more unique, even more special.

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Rotiform LAS-R 40” wheels on the back with a small carbon fiber cover on them (with Rotiform stickers) so as to make visible the brake disks and calipers (not visible on the front due to Aerodisc wheels).

How we worked on the livery design

We worked on a livery composed of abstract and sharp graphic shapes in a really unique and eye-catching color scheme, which is neon yellow, purple and white, a never seen color scheme on an Audi RS6.
Neon yellow on the front with purple graphic shapes, purple background with white and neon yellow graphic shapes in the middle of the car body and neon yellow on the back, that’s all you need to make your RS6 a unique and stunning one.

Leave those sad wraps to those sad people.
Get an iconic livery, make your car unique.

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